Terms & Condition

Please Read And Acknowledge Before Purchasing

  1. You understand that Goods once Sold cannot be Returned or Exchanged here at MY E-BOARD STORE™️.
    *The only time we will provide Full Refund (Electric Skateboard’s Price + Shipping Fee) is when customer purchased Shipping Insurance, and the shipment is LOST by the courier service during delivery. Otherwise, we will ONLY provide warranty service for Electric Skateboards that are purchased from us as they are wear and tear items like most electronic gadgets.
  2. You understand our warranty policy:
    -In our warranty policy, the most staple parts of the Electric Skateboards will be covered which are ESCs, Motors, Remote and Batteries. Parts that won’t be covered will be accessories, wheels, and deck.  We DO NOT cover boards that are either water damaged or physical damaged. 
    -As we are the authorized reseller for Electric Skateboards in Malaysia, we provide Local Supplier Warranty of up to 6 months for some models.
    – During this period, if there is anything wrong with your board, you can send us a video of the issue, upon verifying, we will dispatch the replacement parts to you for FREE*.  Similar to most stores, we do not have any in-house repair expertise, repairs will be performed by customer. After the warranty period, you are still always able to seek us to purchase replacement part*.

    * Except for Meepo brand which customers should directly contact Meepo for Warranty & After Sales.
    * Warranty does not cover shipping costs for Replacement Battery & Motor
    * Warranty is only eligible for verified first owner’s request & enquiry
  3. You understand the length of your warranty period:
    Warranty starts from the date your order status changes to ‘Delivered’.  The warranty period will depend on your board model. More information please visit www.myeboardstore.com/faq
    *Meepo brand customers should directly contact Meepo for Warranty & After Sales. 
    *Exway brand customers have the option to directly contact Exway for Warranty & After Sales too.
  4. You understand that you are fully responsible for your own safety when riding an Electric Skateboard.
  5. You understand the use of your personal data information will be disclosed to our logistic partners only.
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